Our Story

We are a bunch of skin care enthusiasts. Our passion is to explore the use of natural organic ingredients, gifts of nature in skin care products. We truly believe that all gifts from nature are divine and are good enough to take care of our skin.

We do a lot of inhouse research and development.  We try to bring these gifts of nature in its purest form without much intervention. We offer only what nature intends for you. Our products are carefully handcrafted to ensure nurturing the divine skin.


Core Values

You eat through your skin as well! Just like eating organic and nutrient-rich food is important for maintaining a healthy body, using natural and pure ingredients in your skin care regimen is essential for flawless skin quality. Commercial cosmetics and personal care products disturb the PH level of your skin, strip the skin of its natual oils and cause slow damage. Don’t invest in cosmetics that help recover the damage. Rather invest in personal care products that are only made with 100% Natural and best quality ingredients. Don’t expose your body to these ‘casual toxins’. Rather, pamper yourself with the benefits and integrity of natural stuff from Mother Nature. Our Personal Care and hygiene range from Naturesalm has been curated with keeping just that in mind!

Purity of the ingredients will help your skin heal naturally, the authentic aroma helps to soothe your mind, the creative combinations enhance the overall results and the overall magic of Indian tradition never fails!