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  • 24K Pure Gold Serum


    24k Gold essence can improve dull skin, large pores, and damaged skin activity and increase skin elasticity without sagging. Also nourish the skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, and make the skin more firm. Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and locks moisture. Glycerin helps skin balance water and oil.
    ANTI-AGING GOLD FLAKES – Keeping the skin firm and taut, this treatment is infused with gold. In addition to slowing down collagen depletion and stimulating cell growth, gold dust also reflects light to beautifully illuminate the skin.
    Effect: the neck wrinkles, dry and other issues, 24 K gold strong ability to revitalize the activity, can promote metabolism, anti-aging, moisturizing smooth fine lines, smooth skin firm, effective skin care, skin reproduction.
    Promote blood flow between ions in the organization, producing new energy, so as to improve blood circulation, accelerate skin. A powerful moisturizing effect that replenishes the skin’s moisture and leaves it smoother. Keep your skin’s water and oil balance, remove excess oil from your face, and keep your skin dry. Effectively inhibits and alleviates the growth of acne.
    REVITALIZING COLLAGEN – When you age, collagen production decreases and results in fine lines and wrinkles. This serum is formulated with collagen to promote cell growth, restoring skin to furnish a younger, more natural complexion.

  • 24K Pure Silver Serum


    Reducing the underlying cause of bleakness
    Smoothes and soothes rough skin texture, makes skin elastic from the deep
    Instant Glowing And Radiant Skin
    Deep Moisturization & Nourishing
    Fades Ages Spots And Give Youthful Look.

  • Activated Charcoal Foaming Scrub


    Hi… I am handmade pue organic scrub, with activated charcoal and walnut powder. Activated charcoal in me pulls out all the unwanted toxin waste from your skin and walnut powder scrubs away the dead skin cells. I also ensure that your skin retains the moisture with the essential oils infused in me. Just apply me on your body and rub gently, my foaming will help protect your delicate skin from rashes.

  • Alpha Arbutin Radiance Serum


    Arbutin is a molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin.

    • Has sun protection properties: Arbutin can reduce the degree of skin darkening after sun exposure by blocking the production of tyrosinase.
    • Gentle on skin: While other skin brightening agents can dry and irritate the skin, arbutin is less irritating. “Since arbutin’s active component is released slowly, it can be less irritating than other skin-lightening agents and better for those with sensitive skin,” Lin says.
    • Improves uneven complexion: Since arbutin inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that helps with melanin production, it can prevent dark spots or even help fade them, leading to a more even complexion.5
    • Can be used twice daily: For maximum results, arbutin can be used both in the morning and at night.
  • Anti Acne Face Pack


    Traditional ayurvedic mix of effective herbs to fight acne. Powered with Pure Ambe Haldi, Sariva and Neem, this paste ensures acne reduction and fades away blemishes. Soak in rose water, apply, leave for 15 mins & wash off.

  • Anti Aging Pack


    A pure natural blend of Tragacanth Gum Herb (Gond Katira) and Coffee, tightens the skin naturally and avoids wrinkles. Stop Spending on Chemical Based Anti Aging products. Nature guarentees you 100% Results:
    # Tightens skin
    # Blurs Wrinkles
    # Removes Blemish

  • Anti Pigmentation Face Pack


    Ancient formulation of Ayurvedic herbs crushed to powder form and blended in fine proportions. Helps reducing melanin production, giving a smoother skin tone. Soak in rose water, apply, leave for 15 mins and wash off.

  • Aqua Bath Salt


    I am Epsom salt, having therapeutic and healing properties. I have the ability to ease stress and boost your overall health. Just put me in your bathing water. I shall melt and relieve your stress, ease your achy muscles, and stimulate your blood circulation. My aqua aroma will elevate your mood and stimulate your mind.

  • Aromatherapy Massage Oil


    A sensual massage oil with a rich aromatic base, perfect for soothing away fatigue and tiredness. Pure blend of Apricot oil, Almond oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Wheat Germ oil, Nerula oil etc, which calm the mind and body, while a gentle massage releases tensions, anxiety and muscular tightness. A special oil dispersant has been included in the formula, making this massage oil easy to remove from skin and also suitable as a bath oil.

  • Ayurvedic Plant Based Shampoo


    Alchemist ayurvedic formulation for strong and bountiful hair. A handblend of precious herbs like Aavarampoo, Bringhraj, Hibiscus & other herbs. I bet you wouldnt revert to the commercial shampoo’s after using this. Easy to Use:
    Take 1-2 scoops in a mug/bowl, dilute in water, mix and apply.

  • Ayurvedic Protein Hair Mask


    Proteins are building block for your hair. Lack of it causes all hair problems. Chemicals only hamper the natural protein building process. We bring to you a pure blend of aloe vera, amla, aritha, brahmi, bhringraj, coffee, curry leaves, hibiscus, jatamasi, indigo, majistha, rust, shikakai, sandalwood, tea powder, lemon peel, nagarmoth & methi. Soak the powder in water, apply and leave for 15-20 mins.

  • Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar


    Pure Ayurvedic formulation – A wash away from loving your hair | Reduces Hair Fall, Cleanses Hair &Scalp, Protects Environment| Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free| Free of Sulphates, Parabens and Sillicones.

  • Ayurvedic Wax Powder


    Get rid of burns, ingrown hair, skin darkening, pain while using chemical based wax to get rid of body hair. Ayurveda has a natural way – a blend of multani mitti, lemon peal, chandan powder, rice flour, mint, aloe vera and Berrium Sulphide. Soak in rose water, apply on skin, wipe off after 10-15 mins. Apply moisturizer after use.

  • Caffeine Wake Up Body Wash


    Hi.. I have in me pure crushed coffee beans, which will exfoliate the dead skin cells and nourish the skin. The natural aroma will wake up your skin and mind. If you are a true coffee lover, you will fall in love with me…. I know I am tempting, but please dont drink me. Hand crafted using pure organic extracts. SLS Free – Paraben Free – Non Toxic – No Animal Fat. The aroma from your skin afer bath will elevate your mood and ensure a blossomed blissful day

  • Chocolate Bathing Bar


    Infused with pure Cocoa extract. Reduces skin redness and provides a smooth skin texture. Hand crafted using pure organic extracts. SLS Free – Paraben Free – Non Toxic – No Animal Fat. The aroma from your skin afer bath will elevate your mood and ensure a blossomed blissful day

  • Coco Vanilla Bath Salt